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Apoterra - Meet the Maker Interview

At Life by U our mission is to offer products to our customers that reflect our company’s values.  Our mission demands that we only offer products from companies that also share our values for effective and safe ingredients, quality and conscious business practices.

We believe how we spend our hard-earned dollars is the biggest voice we can give to the world about what we think is important.  It is our greatest power to make a difference.

We would like to share with you a little interview with one of our favorite makers Dominique Caron the founder of Apoterra Skincare.

Apoterra meet the maker

Apoterra Skincare is a small apothecary based in NYC devoted to providing all natural, sustainable, effective skincare products produced in a truly sustainable and transparent way. Apoterra handcrafts every product with care, using only the freshest and sustainably sourced ingredients.  All of Apoterra’s formulations are a blend of herbalism, aromatherapy, and scientific research brought together to provide customers with the highest quality plant + mineral based skincare. 


Dominique Caron the founder of Apoterra is a certified aromatherapist, herbalist, and daughter of a family physician. She founded Apoterra Skincare (formerly Caru Skincare Co) in 2012 after hopelessly searching for affordable, natural and sustainable skincare that was effective for her sensitive skin. Her passion for running an honest and conscious business that provides healthy, sustainable and effective skincare products is what has made Apoterra Skincare the brand it is today. 

apoterra meet the maker 2


Why do you do what you do?

"I started with looking for skin care brands for dry sensitive skin and found not many products available that were natural and organic.  Since I have interests in herbalism and aromatherapy I decided to start with crafting soaps that met my skincare needs."

What’s your background?

"I am an herbalist and a certified aromatherapist.  My background in aromatherapy has provided me with a strong understanding of which essential oils are great for the skin and how they should be used properly."

I believe formulating hand crafted natural skin care and cosmetic products are a combination of science and art, what do you find integral to your work?

"Understanding the science behind skin care formulation is critical to ensure safe and effective products that provide customers an enjoyable experience."


Do you have a favorite ingredient?

"I have two in particular German Chamomile and Helichrysum italicum (Immortelle) essential oil. When they combined, they are great for skin breakouts.  I would say that I love rose because it promotes feelings of self-love within myself (like wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket."


How has your practice change over time?

"I originally started my business crafting soap, which is a lot like baking and quite labor intensive.  I began to evolve my business into developing other skin care products and I started incorporating active but safe ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10.  I also started to develop my batch # system where customers can review on our website the sources of ingredients and batch information for any product they have purchased."

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

"I often have problems with my own skin, which has inspired me to find natural solutions.  I also find my herbalism and aromatherapy practice helps me connect with nature."

What food, drink, song inspires you?

"Overall, herbs are very inspiring especially rosemary which I have in my window boxes.  I use the herb in cooking and it is wonderful for headaches and many other therapeutic uses."

What wouldn’t you do without?

"My phone.  It is truly my sidekick, it helps be stay connected to everything I need for being on the go.  I can manage my business and family and I can even sketch out ideas on it in the moment."

What is your favorite color and why?

"Green is my favorite color, I tend to gravitate to it and I love every shade.  I find the color peaceful and it reminds me of nature."

Life by U invites you to experience the Apoterra Skincare line where herbalism, aromatherapy and science come together to provide nourishing products for any skin type. 

apoterra rose serum meet the maker


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