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Bass-Boar Shaving Brush - life by U
Bass-Boar Shaving Brush - life by U

Bass-Boar Shaving Brush

This shaving brush by Bass Brushes is made with 100% pure boar bristles and  acrylic for the handle. Perfect for creating the ideal lather using shaving soap pucks or shaving creams. Boar bristle shaving brushes are a much better option than synthetically created brushes due to its ability to retain water better which leads to a more hydrated later. The more hydrated the lather, the closer and better shave you can achieve. Works best when shaving cream is applied in a painting like motion. This is a great brush for anyone interested in wet shaving but doesn't want to invest in the more expensive badger bristle shaving brushes. Comes with drip stand for optimal drying.

Before first use, wash thoroughly with soap and water. After use, rinse completely and shake off as much water as possible and set onto provided drip stand with bristles pointing downwards. Proper care of your shaving brush will ensure its long life.

Made in Germany

How to Use

For use with shaving soaps and creams, used to create rich foamy lather for shaving. For how to care for and maintain your shave brush, refer to our post here.