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Bass - Facial Brush - life by U

Bass - Facial Brush

This soft facial brush from Bass Brushes is made with 100% natural bristles and a bamboo handle. It is perfect for gently exfoliating the skin when paired with a cleanser or other exfoliate. Choose from either solid color or striped. Due to the natural nature of the handle material, some slight variations may be found between brushes.

What are the benefits of using a facial brush?

  • Facial brushing exfoliates your skin which removes dead skin cells and uncovers fresh new cells below. Exfoliating helps skin care products transfer into the skin more deeply, which makes them more effective. 
  • Facial brushing provides good blood circulation which stimulates the skin and brings important nutrients to the skin.
  • Facial brushing is also a face massage which can improve skin tone and relax tired facial muscles.