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Leakey Collection Olkerii Necklace - Lori FAIR TRADE

The Lori Olkerii Necklace is approximately 30 inches in length, with twelve lovely Zulugrass strands in varying shades of reds and oranges connected into a large fallen wood bead to create a modern look that still defines eco-chic elegance.  

Wear the wood bead in back or in the front as a feature piece. The strands can be worn straight or twisted as a long necklace.

Mix and match other multiple Zulugrass or Zulu wood pieces for a playfully eco-eclectic look.

The Leakey Collection protects the environment while giving economic opportunity to local communities in Kenya.  Its natural elegance distinguishes this high end product line as one of the world's premier offerings. Each piece is hand made by the the Maasai a tall, proud, and graceful pastoral people that still live according to their ancient traditions in the magnificent Great Rift Valley of Kenya and Tanzania.

The main product within the line is Zulugrass which is a fashion mainstay that can be worn in a variety of ways; necklaces, choker or long bracelets, belts, anklets, hair-ties, and more.    Each Zulugrass piece is made from sustainable, natural grass beads. The richly hued grass is dyed with colorfast, low-impact dyes and interspersed with hand-blown Czech glass. Strung on elastic, it can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, anklet, hair tie and more.  The  use of natural earth elements keeps the Leakey Collection products environmentally sustainable and economically sustainable for many Kenya communities.