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rareESSENCE-Bujari Essential Oil Perfume Roll-on

Bujari [boo-zahr-ee] from the Albanian, meaning Gentle, Kind, Generous

Bujari is a fragrance with an amber glow – warm and subtle with a hint of vintage. Think of an antique flower, held over a slow-burning flame. This lovely perfume has key notes of genet absolute, rose absolute, and tonka bean with vibrational flower essences of scotch bloom to inspire feelings of strength and purpose.

Made from 100% pure essential oils, each rareESSENCE perfume is a scent for mind, body, and soul. Sourced close to the distillers, and hand blended in small batches by American Artisan perfumers.

Made from 100% pure essential oils

Roll on to pulse points such as on the wrists and on the neck.